Sales Network


An extensive distribution network guarantees proximity and support to even the most distant customers by playing an essential role of connection between the Customer and Mole Moreschi, thus guaranteeing an effective presence in any corner of the planet.

Contact us to find out who the distributors or agents operating in your area are.

Mole Moreschi’s commercial network is based on solid principles that allow it to be able to offer products with high quality standards quickly.

In fact, thanks to the constancy and repeatability of the production process, the diamond tools of Mole Moreschi are able to guarantee an important production capacity; moreover, having a large part of the tools in stock, deliveries are quick and safe.

We believe and pursue the maximum collaboration both with our customers and with our suppliers, it is thanks to the continuous comparison and sharing of information if we can progress ensuring a continuous improvement of our products, processes and services.

It is thanks to the constant stimulation of our customers if we can start each day in the awareness of being able to find more effective solutions.

“You can always do better!”